Easily Upgrade Your Foosball Table's Players to Stormtroopers

Foosball is one of those simple games that doesn’t need fixing. It’s already the perfect way to waste four years of college. But it turns out there is actually a way to make table soccer even more enjoyable: by turning all of the players into opposing squadrons of stormtroopers. » 8/10/15 4:10pm 8/10/15 4:10pm

Brilliantly Compact Foosball Tables Made From Airplane Food Trolleys

After spending the vast majority of your college years mastering foosball in the lounge, life as a young professional can be difficult when you realize your cramped apartment barely has room for a bed, let alone a foosball table. The folks at Bordbar can help, though. They turn old food and bar trolleys from… » 7/09/13 5:09pm 7/09/13 5:09pm

Don't Spill Anything On This $55 Foosball Table

You'd assume that a foosball table made from 100 percent renewable materials—cardboard and wood—would be best suited for college frat houses on a limited budget. But even with a handy cup holder, the odds are the Kartoni would be soaked in spilled beer after just a couple of games, destroying its structural integrity. » 4/11/13 8:49am 4/11/13 8:49am

Compact Foosball Coffee Table Makes For a Great Alternative To After-Dinner Conversation

It's certainly not the first coffee table we've featured that does more than just keep a stack of magazines off the floor. But with Teckell's Intervallo micro foosball table in your living room, you might actually look forward to sitting around sipping coffee after dinner. » 4/14/12 9:00pm 4/14/12 9:00pm

Robotic Foosball Table Can School Human Players

Every other week it seems that the bar for foosball tables gets set higher and higher. The new mark to beat comes to us from a group of engineering students from The University of Adelaide. As part of a final engineering project, the students utilized a 96-pinhole camera and LED sensor grid, custom-written software… » 6/27/08 2:20pm 6/27/08 2:20pm