Poll: The One Thing All Americans Can Agree On Is That Football Causes Brain Damage

Eighty-one percent of American adults believe that it is either certainly or probably true that “there is a settled science that playing football causes brain injuries,” according to a new poll on perceptions of sports and concussions from the Center for Public Opinion. A slim simple majority of American adults, 44…


NFL Official Admits For First Time There Is "Certainly" A Link Between Football And CTE

A top NFL official acknowledged for the first time a link between playing football and suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), responding, “the answer to that question is certainly yes” when asked if there is a link. It’s akin to tobacco companies finally admitting that nicotine is addictive and smoking…

Why Is The NFL's Most Infamous Quack Still Involved In Its Concussion Program? 

The many ways in which Dr. Elliot Pellman—a Guadalajara-educated rheumatologist with questionable qualifications—helped the NFL downplay the depth and gravity of its concussion crisis are well-documented. He chaired the influential Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee despite not having any education, experience, or…


All of Peyton Manning's record breaking touchdown passes in one chart

Data Looks Dope's Max Einstein just made this visualization that charts every touchdown pass that Peyton Manning, who is now the record holder for TD passes, has thrown in his career. Yep, all 510 of them (so far). It shows the distance of each pass along with the receiver who caught it from 1998 to October 19, 2014.