A Football With Wings Lets You Throw Farther Than an NFL Quarterback

The ultimate football fantasy involves throwing a last second Hail Mary pass into the endzone that ends up winning the Super Bowl. Such a fantasy usually requires you to have an NFL-caliber throwing arm, but the winged Raptor Football promises to give quarterback-like capabilities to almost anyone. Now we just need it… » 12/11/14 9:37am 12/11/14 9:37am

Slingbox Gets its Jumbotron On, NCAA Football Style

Thanks to SlingMedia, University of California Bears football fans were able to watch their beloved Bears in a bit of a different manner this past weekend. Roughly 3,000 fans showed up to the Cal stadium to watch the Bears play Washington State, but the game wasn't in California, it was in Washington. The game was… » 10/17/06 2:10pm 10/17/06 2:10pm