3D-Weaving Turns a Single Thread Into Shoe Soles and Stab-Proof Vests

At first glance it looks like these shoes are shod with two strategically shaped Top Ramen bricks. Delicious, perhaps, but c'mon—too crunchy for underfoot! The flexible soles were actually made with a 3D weaving machine designed by a graduate at London's Royal College of Art, by layering a single, continuous thread in… »6/23/14 7:30pm6/23/14 7:30pm

Retractable Spikes Let These Boots Tackle Any Terrain

Like having a set of snow chains on your feet, nothing makes traversing winter's icy conditions easier than metal spikes on the bottom of your boots. But indoors, they can really tear up the floors and carpeting. So Germany's Meindl has created the perfect compromise: spiked boots with a geared mechanism to retract… »2/11/13 11:13am2/11/13 11:13am

Humanity Has Reached the Point Where We Now Have TSA-Friendly Adidas Shoes

Made from stretchy mesh so they can be slipped off easily for conveyor belt scanning or closer inspections, Adidas' SLVR Concept Shoes are available in just three sizes (small, medium and large). Do you think $140 is a fair price to pay for a few shaved seconds off the airport security rigmarole? [SLVR via Acquire via »3/02/11 4:40am3/02/11 4:40am

Microwavable Boots Keep Your Feet Warm, and Your Microwave Stinky

Winter is almost upon us, and chilly feet can be a chronic issue. Thankfully humanity no longer has to suffer this unpleasantness with the introduction of CozyFeet microwavable boots. The modern-day equivalent of warming ones feet by the fire, these boots "contain a special blend of natural wheat grain and dried… »11/03/08 5:50pm11/03/08 5:50pm

Verb for Shoe Auto-Adjusts Comfort With Built-in Computer

The adapting Verb shoes from VectraSense Technologies, an MIT spin-off company, have been in development for a while, but now they're finally ready to buy. They're not quite Marty's amazing Nike's from Back to the Future 2 but they are clever: the built-in twin air bladders are controlled by an on-board computer that… »5/06/08 12:30pm5/06/08 12:30pm