Best Buy and Liz Claiborne Hooking Up to Make Electronics Accessories for the Girls

Liz Claiborne's jumping into bed with Best Buy to design a collection of "electronics accessories for women." Since they're for women, naturally the entire collection is composed of bags and totes for things like laptops, cameras and MP3 players. We're going to go out on a hunch and guess there's going to be a fair… » 8/15/07 4:40pm 8/15/07 4:40pm

Tampon Pan Flute Will Make You Musical, Awkward

You like crafts, don't you? Of course you do. Well, get ready for a fun and educational craft project, my friends. First, get some tampons. Got 'em? OK, now make a flute out of the applicators. Done? Great, now go get yourself forcibly removed from marching band auditions. As the instructional website says, "the hills… » 7/12/07 2:20pm 7/12/07 2:20pm