This Watch's Wheel of Weather Lets You Know What To Wear

We rarely think twice about the technological complexity behind checking the forecast on our smartphones. But an intricately detailed mechanical watch, like Breva's new Genie 01, that tells you what the weather will be like? There's something still wonderfully fascinating about checking a forecast that's produced and… »4/03/13 5:40pm4/03/13 5:40pm

Could Adjusting Your Cameraphone Settings Based On the Weather Really Improve Your Shots?

Like it or not, compared to a DSLR, or even a point & shoot, your smartphone's camera sucks. They've gotten considerably better over the years, and will continue to improve, but their tiny sensors and limited optics means image quality and their ability to accurately process a scene still have a long way to go. »4/02/13 4:04pm4/02/13 4:04pm

Japan's Cockroach Forecasts Will Make You Feel Better About the Heat

Here's a neat/gross piece of trivia that should make waking up to a stiflingly hot forecast a little easier to deal with. In Japan, a website called Gokiten—aka Cockroach Weather—takes the current conditions into account to determine how likely it is you'll run across a cockroach as you go about your day. »7/31/12 4:20pm7/31/12 4:20pm