Door Organizer Helps Airheads Keep Their Things in One Place

Everyone has one of those friends who just can't for the life of them seem to remember their personal effects. One of my roommates in college was so bad about setting things down without thinking that I actually made him a "memory square," which was a piece of paper with a red box drawn on it for him to leave his keys… »5/03/07 12:33pm5/03/07 12:33pm

Great Find-All Helps the Forgetful Cope With Their, Uh ... Forgot What I was Going to Say

We all have ways of coping with our forgetfulness, but the Great Find-All could solve that problem once and for all. You just attach the four transponders to items you don't want to forget, and then when it's time to go, just press the corresponding button on the remote control and each of the items will make its own… »2/20/07 1:30pm2/20/07 1:30pm