Blu-ray Player Sales Up 600 Per Cent, According to UK Online Retailer

Stuart Rowe, COO of is claiming that sales of Blu-ray players have increased seven-fold since Toshiba announced it was cutting and running from its HD-DVD format. The UK-based web retailer sold more Blu-ray players on Tuesday than it has in the whole of last week, and was the first to react to the Toshiba… »2/21/08 7:26am2/21/08 7:26am

Xbox 360 DVD Player Still Sucks After Update, HD DVD Not Great Either [Updated]

We've known that the Xbox 360 DVD player was asstastic for a while, but surely this latest fall update would have improved things at least a little. No such luck, as the player still only got a 40 out of 130 on the HQV DVD test—which is a non-improvement from before the update. Are things better on the HD side? »12/06/07 2:30pm12/06/07 2:30pm

USB Cassete Archiver Converts Your Embarrassing Analog Music Into Embarrassing Digital Music

Have a collection of old cassette tapes lying around? Thanks to this USB Cassette Archiver you can kick out the old school jams once again in full digital glory on your MP3 player. Format conversion is a simple matter of installing the software on your PC or Mac and connecting the archiver via USB. I'm not sure how… »10/23/07 8:35pm10/23/07 8:35pm