A Consumer's Cheat Sheet to HD DVD's Death and Blu-ray's Victory

Click to viewHD DVD is dead. Officially. That may mean a whole bunch for the early-adopter tech geek crowd that's been wading in the kiddie pool of technological bickering and backhandedness for years, but what does it mean for the average consumer with only a cursory interest in high-def DVDs? Here's our cheat sheet… »2/19/08 2:09pm2/19/08 2:09pm

Blu-ray Domination Pushes Hardware Sales to 93% After CES

If all the talk of HD DVD's demise wasn't enough to actually convince you that it's all but over for HD DVD, take a look at these numbers from the research group NPD. The two formats sold almost neck and neck in the week leading up to CES, but Blu-ray completely knee-to-groined HD DVD in the week of CES's shenanigans… »1/22/08 7:00pm1/22/08 7:00pm