Philippe Stark Crystal Clear Watch: Cherry-Colored Wrist Candy

If you haven't ditched the good old fashioned wristwatch for the cellphone clock yet, Philippe Stark would like to reward your loyalty with this beautiful Crystal Clear Watch. While it may not be "clear," the watch does feature a bright red crystal display that looks so good you may be tempted to lick it to see if it… »9/12/08 5:40pm9/12/08 5:40pm

Philippe Starck Rolls Out Wild-Looking Watches With Cantilevered Faces

We're always a sucker for designer Philippe Starck's latest creations, and here's a couple of watches he adds to his Fossil collection that have a strange cantilevered look we haven't seen before. Check out those hands, placed on that hanging face at an odd angle, making them look positively peculiar. Well, what would… »8/17/07 3:20pm8/17/07 3:20pm

Fossil OLED Watches Tell Time, Impersonate Better Gadgets

OLEDs are finding their way onto all sorts of gadgets these days, from ridiculously overpriced keyboards to weird flexible screens that serve little purpose. It appears that watchmaker Fossil will soon be joining the ranks of the OLED purveyors with their officially unannounced men's watches. This isn't the first time… »7/18/07 8:20pm7/18/07 8:20pm

Fossil FX6001 Bluetooth Watch Reviewed (Verdict: One-Trick Pony)

The ever-elusive Jonathan, over at CrunchGear, got his hands on one of the Fossil FX6001 Bluetooth watches. The FX6001 is one beastly device coming in at half an inch thick and weighing a good metric ton. It was designed to work with Symbian Series 60 devices, primarily Sony Ericsson phones and a few Nokias. The small… »10/23/06 3:49pm10/23/06 3:49pm