This Paleo Beer Is Made With Yeast From a 35 Million-Year-Old Fossil

As microbrewers continue their quest to brew beer with ever stranger ingredients, here is one possible winner: Yeast living on the 35 million year-old fossil of an extinct whale. Bone Dusters Paleo Brew is the alcoholic brainchild of a paleontology lover and a brew brewer, and it may soon be coming to a tap near you. » 4/01/14 2:40pm 4/01/14 2:40pm

The Fossilized Machines Humans Will Leave Behind

In the debut issue of a new journal called The Anthropocene Review, University of Leicester geologist Jan Zalasiewicz leads a team of five writers in discussing the gradual fossilization of human artifacts, including industrial machines, everyday objects, and even whole cities. They refer to these as "technofossils," and … » 3/31/14 12:20pm 3/31/14 12:20pm

Ice Age Fossils Are Being Unearthed By L.A.'s Subway Construction

A 65-foot deep shaft being dug for Los Angeles's newest subway line is filled with buried treasure. The so-called Subway to the Sea is still nine miles from the beach, but excavation has already revealed some creatures from the ocean floor… the prehistoric ocean floor! » 3/06/14 2:40pm 3/06/14 2:40pm

3D Scanning Saved These Ancient Footprints Just Before They Washed Away

In May 2013, a storm uncovered these ancient footprints on an English beach. At over 800,000 years old, they're the oldest human ancestor footprints ever found outside of Africa. The storm that revealed them soon washed them away too, but scientists have been studying the footprints for months after the fact, thanks to … » 2/07/14 6:40pm 2/07/14 6:40pm

How The AMNH Is Using 3D Printing To Copy Dinosaur Bones

You’re a high school science teacher and your class is learning about dinosaurs. You can’t exactly run to the local dino bone barn and buy some bargain bones for them to see first-hand. But what if you had access to a 3D printer? Enter the American Museum of Natural History’s education department, which is… » 12/06/13 12:20pm 12/06/13 12:20pm

Inside the Bone Room: Where Dinosaurs Live at AMNH

The most interesting room in the American Museum of Natural History is one you'll never see. Its inhabitants are millions of years old, its proprietors among the brightest in their field. This is the big bone room, home to what is arguably the largest and most important collection of mammal bones in the world. And we… » 11/06/13 12:00pm 11/06/13 12:00pm

A Nine-Year-Old Girl Got a New Ancient Flying Reptile Species Named…

When Daisy Morris was four years old, she found fossilized bones of a previously undiscovered species of the flying reptile beast pterosaur. Now, at nine years young, scientists have decided to name the reptile, which lived during the same time period as dinosaurs, after Daisy. It's called Vectidraco daisymorrisae. How … » 3/21/13 10:00pm 3/21/13 10:00pm

Holy Crap, Here's a 100-Million-Year-Old Spider Eating a Wasp

100 million years ago, when dinosaurs were still around, this spider had captured a wasp in his web. The wasp was going to be the spider's dinner. The wasp was going to die watching the spider kill him. The wasp was going to—SPLAT. At that exact moment—one hundred million freaking years ago—tree resin flowed over on… » 10/08/12 7:40pm 10/08/12 7:40pm

Oldest Fossilized Bugs Ever Found Preserved in Amber. Clone Time!

You know the drill: An ancient bug is minding its own business, munching some leaves, buzzin' some dinos', when all of a sudden he's sucked up into a ball of tree resin and winds up in a 21st century laboratory. And a team of international scientists just found the oldest ones in the world. Just like Jurassic Park! But … » 8/28/12 4:20pm 8/28/12 4:20pm

The Oldest Forest Ever Discovered Was Hidden In the Catskills

This is the second fossilized forest that has stunned researchers this month, and it's also the oldest. It's 385 million years old, from the time when the earth's first forests appeared. And it was all buried beneath a quarry in Upstate New York. » 2/29/12 1:00pm 2/29/12 1:00pm