A Couple's Wedding Photos Were Found Inside a Camera That Was Buried…

This is incredible. 18 months after an earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand and buried a just married couple's camera, the camera pops up on their driveway containing all the wedding pictures they thought they would never see again. » 10/20/12 2:00am 10/20/12 2:00am

The Future Is Not Coming Soon Enough

JJ Abrams may want mystery, but reading the last issue of Wired made me realize that I don't want mysteries. I want to know. Which is why I used to love their future Found gadgets. » 4/22/09 8:00am 4/22/09 8:00am

Art: Tetris Bricks Falling in an Alley

Tetris is my favoritest game ever. In fact, I would commit my life to being a bum, living off hobomodos, just for an excuse to sleep under these Tetris stars every night. [Flickr] » 2/04/09 11:00pm 2/04/09 11:00pm