Yes, They Really Made An Adventure Time Porn Movie, and Here's the SFW Trailer

The same folks who brought you the Game of Thrones porn, the Guardians of the Galaxy porn and the Doctor Who porn have now done the unthinkable: Adventure Time porn! Is nothing sacred? The good news is, we’ve got the SFW trailer and it’s hilarious. (Note: trailer includes naughty language. And there’s a talking dildo.)

Where We're Going, We Don't Need Clothes: First Trailer For The Back to the Future Porn Spoof!

Now that Marty McFly’s arrived from 1985, it’s time to give Marty a proper greeting: with a porn spoof! After all, porn spoofs are the most important cultural artifacts of our futuristic era. Here’s the first trailer, exclusively at io9! It’s work-safe, apart from some sex toys.

The Long Lost 1929 Science Fiction Movie That Predicted the Second World War

The science fiction movie High Treason was considered one of the most important films of its time, up there with Metropolis. It was also the first full-length “talkie” made in Britain, although it was released in both silent and “talkie” versions. And now, it’s finally rediscovered and restored.

Short Film About a Woman Stuck in a Time Paradox Makes Found Footage Fresh Again

Found footage films are everywhere these days, but few short films use the concept as effectively as Timelike does. That’s because it puts its own spin on a familiar concept: one night, a young physics student receives a message from her future self. What follows quickly goes from unnerving to distressing.

Jim Rockford Warned Us About Google And Facebook Back In 1978

Why didn't we listen? The fourth season of The Rockford Files, arguably the greatest television show of all time, features a "futuristic" storyline about a terrible threat. What if a private corporation used computers to gather personal information on hundreds of millions of Americans? Could we trust them with that…