Sigma Says "Me Too" With Its Own Micro Four Thirds Fighter

Christ, this is getting complicated. Mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses that promise near-DSLR quality without DSLR bulk are verifiably exploding. After the now-established Micro Four Thirds format from Panasonic and Olympus, Samsung jumped in with its Hybrid NX camera. Yesterday, Sony revealed its own spin » 2/22/10 6:56pm 2/22/10 6:56pm

Foveon x3-Packing Sigma SD14 DSLR to Finally Ship

Ever since Sigma teased its upcoming SD14 digital SLR back in August and officially announced it a month later, we've been waiting around for the company to finally ship the $2000+ camera with that fancy Foveon x3 sensor inside. Sigma officials never did say why the camera's shipment was delayed, but now the company… » 2/21/07 8:52am 2/21/07 8:52am