Fan Light Uses LEDs to Intimidate Opposing Weasel Fans

Just in time for the NFL playoffs is Fan Light, a wrist-worn LED blinker that alternates between your team's two fave colors when you shake your arm, notifying the opposing team's fans that you're far geekier than they'll ever be. Of course, Fan Light maker FoxFury would like to see a whole stadium full of these… » 1/04/08 10:40am 1/04/08 10:40am

Fox Fury's 1000-lumen LED "MF" 1000 Flashlight: No Relation to BFG, Brightest Ever

Fox Fury claims that the MF 1000 — no relation to the BFG — LED flashlight is the brightest ever at 1000-lumens, throwing the equivalent of a 60-watt lightbulb into a beam pattern as tighter than a spotlight. That generous and brilliant output makes it appropriate for rescue spotting puppies adrift in storm-swollen… » 2/28/07 6:38pm 2/28/07 6:38pm