Angry Trump Fans Keep Emailing This Poor Woman Whose Name Is Almost "Megyn Kelly"

Megan Kelly, a 24-year-old project manager for a marketing company in Pittsburgh, is not former attorney and current Fox News personality Megyn Kelly. But unfortunately for Megan-with-an-“a”, the furious pro-Trump supporters who keep sending her emails seem to disagree. »9/03/15 6:39pm9/03/15 6:39pm


Help CA Gov. Jerry Brown Deliver Climate Change Memo To GOP Candidates

The climate is changing and no state has felt this more acutely than drought-plagued California, where 100,000 acres of forest are burning today—including one fire that’s 100 square miles. Today, the state’s governor Jerry Brown asked for help posing a question to Republican leaders: “What is your plan to deal with… »8/05/15 2:45pm8/05/15 2:45pm

Why Is the Fox News Room Full of Absurdly Giant iPads?

Over on Fox News' website, Shepard Smith gives us a tour of the the Fox News Deck's upgraded studio which inexplicably features a team of staffers in the background working at what appear to be gigantic tablets. According to Smith, those are actually "information specialists" frantically pawing away at what Fox calls… »10/07/13 1:24pm10/07/13 1:24pm

Outfoxed: Revisiting Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Last week, Rupert Murdoch finally admitted to the obvious phone-hacking cover-up at his now shut-down tabloid News of the World—not that anyone had any doubts about it before his confession. And just this morning, a report was released by a UK Parliamentary panel declaring the media mogul unfit to lead his own empire »5/01/12 8:20pm5/01/12 8:20pm

Fox News: The Gov't Can Use Your Phone as a Hidden Mic

Here's a strange story from those paragons of sensible journalism over at Fox News. They claim that the FBI can now use the microphone on your cell phone to listen in on your conversations, even when the phone is turned off. Now, I've heard of special phones that are outfitted to work this way, but all phones? How is… »12/19/06 11:07am12/19/06 11:07am