Report: Foxconn Makes College Kids Assemble PS4s to Graduate

Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn was accused of labor violations with the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPad, Nintendo Wii U and just in general. Now, add Sony's PlayStation 4 to the list, with a new report claiming that university interns are staffing overtime and night shifts for credits required to graduate. » 10/10/13 11:32am 10/10/13 11:32am

The iPhone 5C Is Already Involved in a Labor Violations Scandal

A little less than a week before it's supposed to be unveiled to the public, the iPhone 5C is attracting attention from human rights groups for possible labor violations. While it feels like deja vu after the many Foxconn scandals, there's an important difference this time. The factory is American-owned. » 9/05/13 1:48pm 9/05/13 1:48pm

Is It Immoral to Own an iPhone 5?

So many things are made in China: DVD players, handbags, adorable shoes, kitchen gadgets, watches, t-shirts, laptops, and more. Some of them are made in happy, shiny factories. Some are born out of deplorable labor conditions that ruin and cost lives. We usually don't know which. » 10/25/12 1:20pm 10/25/12 1:20pm

Nintendo Is Investigating Foxconn for Child Labor Violations, Too

Earlier this week, Foxconn owned up to using underage workers in one of its factories. That's made Nintendo—whose Wii U is also assembled at Foxconn—suspicious, so it's launching its own investigation into the Chinese manufacturer's labor practices. » 10/18/12 9:53am 10/18/12 9:53am

WSJ: Foxconn Exec Says iPhone 5 Is the 'Most Difficult Device' It Ever…

Apple touted the fit, finish, and technical wizardry required to produce the iPhone 5. Apparently that wasn't just marketing fluff. According to an unnamed Foxconn exec who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, it really is a pain in the ass to manufacture. » 10/17/12 10:29am 10/17/12 10:29am

Foxconn Admits Violating Child Labor Laws

Just a week after riots broke out at Foxconn over working conditions at the Chinese plant that manufactures Apple's glorious new iPhone 5, the company is mixed up in another labor imbroglio. This time, it's over the admitted use of child labor. But sheath thy pichforks because Foxconn's not entirely to blame. » 10/16/12 9:43am 10/16/12 9:43am

Foxconn Denies Strikes, Says Everything Is Going Just Fine

Yesterday, reports came in that around 4,000 over-worked and under-paid Foxconn employees began to strike, potentially hitching up iPhone 5 production, the stresses of which had pushed them to the breaking point. According Foxconn, however, everything at the plant in question is just peachy. » 10/06/12 9:39am 10/06/12 9:39am

The iPhone 5's Impossible Design Comes at a Very Real Price

When you hold the iPhone 5 it feels, frankly, unreal. It's lighter than it has any business being, it's thinner, it's smoother. Regardless of how you feel about Apple, its latest phone seems too good to be true. » 10/05/12 4:28pm 10/05/12 4:28pm

Foxconn Workers on Strike After iPhone 5 Starts Brawls (Updated)

The underpaid, overworked Chinese workers of Foxconn have had enough, according to a new report by China Labor Watch: thousands have gone on strike over immense iPhone manufacturing pressure and fistfights with their bosses. » 10/05/12 3:26pm 10/05/12 3:26pm

Foxconn Shuts Factory After 2,000-Employee Brawl Breaks Out

Foxconn has had to close down a factory in Taiyuan, China, which employs 79,000 people after a massive brawl broke out amongst 2,000 of its workers. Bloomberg is reporting that the fight left 40 people hospitalized and some employees arrested. » 9/24/12 3:44am 9/24/12 3:44am

The Undercover Story of How Someone Infiltrated Foxconn to See How…

A reporter from the Shanghai Evening Post pretended to be a new worker at the Foxconn Tai Yuan factory to get an insider's look at how the factory is going to make the next iPhone 5. He spent a total of 10 days inside and spilled the undercover story of what goes on in the making of the next iPhone. » 9/11/12 11:15pm 9/11/12 11:15pm

Working at Foxconn Just Got Slightly Less Brutal

The Wall Street Journal reports that working conditions are getting better at the embattled Foxconn manufacturing facility where 150,000 Chinese workers assemble iPhones and iPads for the rest of the world. According to the report, wages have been raised by 16 percent and the probation period before entry-level workers … » 8/27/12 10:05am 8/27/12 10:05am