The Forgotten History Of CGI

The roots of CGI lie in the first mechanical aids to drawing and painting. The earliest of these were developed to help solve a problem every artist has found to be sticky: perspective. » 5/31/14 1:00pm 5/31/14 1:00pm

What Are Fractals, And Why Should I Care?

Fractal geometry is a field of math born in the 1970s and mainly developed by Benoit Mandelbrot. If you've already heard of fractals, you've probably seen the picture above. It's called the Mandelbrot Set and is an example of a fractal shape. » 5/03/14 4:00pm 5/03/14 4:00pm

This Noir Cartoon Is the Best Explanation of Fractals You'll Ever See

Math is way more fun when it's lent some narrative, some purpose—and we've never seen a better example than this stunning noir cartoon which explains fractals. You have to watch it. » 4/30/14 3:41am 4/30/14 3:41am

IBM's Fractalizer Turns Any Tumblr Into a Trippy Fractal

IBM's engineers must have been at a loose end, because they've just launched a new site called the IBMblr Fractalizer, which takes any Tumblr and spits it out as a series of fractals. » 11/20/13 6:50am 11/20/13 6:50am

Pure Emergence: Tom Beddard’s Amazing Fractal Architecture

Though we have previously covered the amazing fractal creations of Tom Beddard, we thought it would be worth revisiting his work to find some examples of his architectural explorations. As we’ve discussed many times, parametric modeling is becoming more popular in the architecture world, thanks largely to Patrik… » 6/14/13 2:15pm 6/14/13 2:15pm

The Hidden Fractals in Jurassic Park

If you've ever read the Jurassic Park novel and wondered what those crazy sets of spirals were between chapters, you need to watch this video. Also: if you've never read the Jurassic Park novel, you need to watch this video. » 2/05/13 7:53am 2/05/13 7:53am

Like Snowflakes, No Two Of These Complex Fractal Puzzles Are Completely…

The whole 3D phase gave puzzles a bit of a temporary renaissance, but a Boston-based design shop called Nervous System hopes to revive them yet again with a unique twist. And 'unique' is the key word here since every puzzle is cut with a different fractal pattern. » 5/09/12 4:20pm 5/09/12 4:20pm

Growing Fractals Into Works of Art

Even the smallest taste of a fractal is guaranteed to blow one's mind, wrapping up psychedelic satisfaction and hardcore mathematics in a bite-sized (er, infinite-sized?) package. Tom Beddard, a laser physicist-cum-developer, wants to show us their artistic side. » 1/21/11 1:40pm 1/21/11 1:40pm

Super-Mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot Has Passed Away

The French mathematician was the father of fractals, and while pancreatic cancer got the better of him four days ago, his reputation will live on in the areas of maths, physics, finance, biology and countless more. » 10/18/10 6:40am 10/18/10 6:40am

Watch This Fractal Animation Until Your Brain Bleeds Out of Your Ears

This is how I imagine a trip into the brain of Hunter S. Thompson after eating a slice of Benoît Mandelbrot's brain, sautéed with a bit of pepper, olive oil, and mescal shaves. Except there are no strippers running around. » 8/30/10 8:20pm 8/30/10 8:20pm