Naolab ChargerFrame Turns Your Charging Gizmos into Work of Art

Shanghai-based designers Naolab have turned their creative talents towards the universal gadget charging station, and come up with ChargerFrame. It's designed to put your charging gadgets on display... in a chaotic, randomly wiry, Pollock-meets-cats-cradle kind of way. It has sockets built all around the frame, a… »7/29/08 10:00am7/29/08 10:00am

World's Largest: Smartparts 32-Inch Digital Picture Frame is Aptly Named

Well Hung: When we saw the first announcement of the Smartparts 32" digital picture frame, we were wondering just how good the 1366x768 panel would look. We saw it tonight, and it's super-sharp. It's so big, it needs mounting hardware if you're hanging it on your wall, but it just might be worth the trouble. While… »1/06/08 11:48pm1/06/08 11:48pm

eStarling Wifi Picture Frame (Verdict: Third Time's the Charm)

You may recall that hapless eStarling picture frame we tested last year at this time, where version 1.0 had a Wi-Fi radio that didn't work for diddly squat. Version 2.0 didn't fare much better with its screen that was so bad it was barely tolerable. Well, we're here to tell you that eStarling has now busted out… »12/20/07 11:30am12/20/07 11:30am

ThinkGeek to Make Amends for Defective PF Digital eStarling Photo Frames

The ugly duckling of digital photo frames, the PF Digital eStarling, has gone into full recall mode, where its online retailer ThinkGeek will graciously exchange all of the original defective units that were shipped with a new version 2.0 model sometime next month. It looks like most of the problems with the first… »2/21/07 7:39am2/21/07 7:39am

eStarling Digital Picture Frame Hands-On (Verdict: Almost Picture-Perfect So Far)

The long-awaited eStarling digital picture frame is finally available, and now here's the first hands-on review we've seen. The reviewer gives it a big thumbs-up, lauding its Wi-Fi connectivity and easy setup. He also likes the way you can set up an e-mail address that can receive pictures from anyone, but doesn't… »12/22/06 9:57am12/22/06 9:57am

DigitalSpectrum MemoryFrame MF-8104: WiFi Digital Pic Frame

The DigitalSpectrum MemoryFrame MF-8104 Premium is a 10.4-inch digital photo frame that can connect to your home network wirelessly via WiFi and is IP addressable. That's right, here it is, a picture frame that can match the feature set of the ill-fated eStarling frame that appeared early last year and then… »10/10/06 11:37am10/10/06 11:37am