This Weedseeking Airport Tractor Spells Death for Dandelions

Weeds growing up through the cracks in airport tarmacs aren't just unsightly, they can create traction hazards for landing aircraft. But rather than rely on a squad of human herbicide applicators, one French airport is leaving the job to a single computerized spraying system. They call it "The Weedseeker." » 4/07/14 11:40am 4/07/14 11:40am

These 10,000-Year-Old Instruments Are Playing Their First Modern Gig

Roughly ten millennia ago, musicians didn't lug amps or guitars around to their shows—they lugged lithophones, or instruments made of resonant rocks. The oldest lithophones ever found will be played in their first public concert next week in Paris. Sadly, it'll also be their last. » 3/17/14 2:20pm 3/17/14 2:20pm

This Simpsons couch gag making fun of the French is hilarious fine art

I would so watch a French version of The Simpsons that makes fun of itself as much as this couch gag. Hopefully, it could be just as beautifully animated as this too. This couch gag was made by French director Sylvain Chomet and it has Homer eating snails, Bart brutally making his own foie gras and a few other French… » 3/06/14 7:26pm 3/06/14 7:26pm

US Now Claims European Agencies, Not the NSA, Spied on European Leaders

Finger-pointing over the NSA's spying habits ascends to a new level of complexity with the latest revelations of how the United States spies on foreign officials. However, U.S. officials now tell The Wall Street Journal that the phone records at the center of the surveillance scandal in Europe were actually collected… » 10/29/13 1:30pm 10/29/13 1:30pm

A Rare Tour of Le Corbusier's Last (and Most Brilliant) Building

A retrospective closes this weekend at MoMA on Swiss architect Le Corbusier, best known for his residential projects like Villa Savoye (as well as that chair). But I'd argue that his most genius work was Église Saint-Pierre, a remarkable cathedral in Firminy, France. Here, Le Corbusier manages a kind of architectural… » 9/20/13 2:20pm 9/20/13 2:20pm

Drones Could Replace Eager Youths On Paper Routes (Updated)

Innovation in newspaper delivery techniques hasn't really seemed like a priority in awhile because of the whole death of print thing and whatever. But since drones categorically improve all situations, a local French postal service is turning paper routes into air routes. » 3/31/13 9:45am 3/31/13 9:45am

Meet the French Rugby Team's Six-Legged Scrum Bot

Rugby football is no sport for old men. This free-flowing British sport has been practiced since the 15th century—kind of a cross of American football and football (aka soccer), except that everybody is the size of a linebacker and protective gear is verboten. In addition to torn ears and broken bones, players risk… » 2/14/13 11:30am 2/14/13 11:30am

Google Street View Captured a Couple Getting Naked in a Fitting Room

Because Google Street View is the all seeing eye of the universe, it has done wonderful things like go underwater, trek the Grand Canyon and... blessing us with an endless amount of laughter because of the ridiculous things Street View finds. This one might top it all though. A couple was found pants down (or I guess,… » 2/01/13 8:00pm 2/01/13 8:00pm

New Villa Savoye Set Is a Beautiful Addition to the LEGO Architecture…

LEGO has been pumping out a lot of wonderful architecture sets this year, and today they're launching the brand new one, Villa Savoye. At 660 pieces and standing about 3.5 inches tall, it's a lovely little recreation of the French villa designed by Le Corbusier which become one of the most influential buildings in… » 9/01/12 9:00am 9/01/12 9:00am