The World's Fastest Ship Is Basically an Aquatic Concorde Jet

This is no lumbering Staten Island Ferry. This is the Francisco, a wave-piercing catamaran loaded with modified jet engines set to blast commuters across the River Plate at 58 knots, faster than any other ship in the world. » 6/28/13 11:30am 6/28/13 11:30am

The Creepy Awesomeness of Talking Mannequins

Jean Paul Gaultier's retrospective of his 40-plus years of fashion design would have been breathtaking even without bizarre talking mannequins. Gaultier himself greeted guests to a press preview party of the exhibit, open at San Francisco's de Young Museum from March 24 through August 19. » 3/26/12 1:40pm 3/26/12 1:40pm

Get Chased Down in San Francisco For Fun

Grab your sneakers and get ready for a city-wide game of tag. The San Francisco game is an organized event called Journey to the End of The Night. It started in 2006 and has taken place in different cities for five years. » 6/08/11 10:33pm 6/08/11 10:33pm

San Francisco to Save Its Residents From the Yellow Pages

In this digital age, isn't the phone book a paperweight that nobody uses? San Francisco's Board of Supervisors must agree as they are passing legislation that stops the phone company from spamming your doorstep with the Yellow Pages. » 5/17/11 2:00am 5/17/11 2:00am

Mobile Millennium Project is a Poor Man's Traffic-Relaying GPS

On Monday Nokia, NAVTEQ and UC Berkeley will launch the Mobile Millennium project which will use GPS data from thousands of cell phones » 11/07/08 9:30pm 11/07/08 9:30pm to gather traffic information in the San Francisco Bay Area. By having users relay and access the information, it will enable them to find and avoid traffic congestion, similar to the