Perepiteia Perpetual-Motion Machine May Actually Do...Something

The difference between Thane Heins' perpetual-motion invention Perepiteia and last year's flop Steorn Orbo is that when it was demonstrated last week—to scientists at MIT, no less—it appeared to really work. The result of more than 20 years tinkering, Perepiteia defies conventional thought, apparently using magnets to… » 2/07/08 9:45am 2/07/08 9:45am

The Rise and Fall of the Steorn Orbo Free Energy Machine

They said it couldn't be done. And it probably can't. A year after an Irish company called Steorn promised a perpetual energy source that required only magnetism, not fuel, the device called Orbo was set up for a 10-day public demonstration. Yesterday, at the Kinetica Museum in London, was to be the scheduled… » 7/05/07 8:00pm 7/05/07 8:00pm