Dealzmodo: Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player $348 With 10 Free Movies

Our last Blu-ray Dealzmodo was also from Wal-Mart, but featured a more gamey solution to the next-gen debacle with an 80GB PS3 and 10 free Blu-ray movies for $499. This time you can go purely set-top-box with a Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player (which doesn't support the latest BD profile) and 10 free movies for the… »11/27/07 12:50pm11/27/07 12:50pm

Dealzmodo: Eight HD DVDs With Purchase of Toshiba HD DVD Player

The HD DVD camp is pretty much just giving their stuff away with the newest deal on Amazon for eight HD DVDs with the purchase of any Toshiba player. If you buy either the HD-A2, HD-A20 or HD-XA2 player and add three HD DVDs to your shopping cart (from a list of 55), you'll be able to get those three movies for free.… »8/28/07 1:20pm8/28/07 1:20pm

Movinflicks Offers Free Current Movies On Demand, Will Be Dead Soon

In the middle of all this big talk about industry titans joining up with BitTorrent, and Amazon and TiVo and Netflix and Wal-Mart all starting to offer movie downloads, isn't it funny when some maverick interloper suddenly offers even better and more current movies than the big boys are offering? Oh yeah, and also… »2/26/07 8:50am2/26/07 8:50am