Zune Pass Subscription Service Adds Ten Free Keeper Tracks a Month

Microsoft's $15 Zune Pass subscription service—a pretty sweet deal already—has just porked up their offer by giving you 10 free songs that you can keep » 11/20/08 12:00am 11/20/08 12:00am every month. We've talked about Zune Pass in our Zune reviews before, but it's basically access to all of the Zune Marketplace for only the price of a CD a month.…

Space Aliens First to Get DRM-Free Beatles Music?

Click to viewYou may have heard that at 7pm EST on Feb. 4, NASA plans to blast The Beatles' song "Across the Universe" into deep space in order to serenade otherworldly beings hundreds, thousands or millions of light years away with our very best pop music. I have several problems with this. » 2/01/08 9:57am 2/01/08 9:57am

Peter Gabriel's We7 Music Download Service, Free With "Grafted" Ads

Peter Gabriel is a human-rights champion, a global entrepreneur and a technology aficionado, not to mention the owner of lots of prized (and copyrighted) content, so it's not surprising that he's drawn to that cruel mistress, online music downloading. In search of fairness, Gabriel's company We7 has launched an… » 4/30/07 12:00pm 4/30/07 12:00pm

OLPC and Free Culture Team Up To Give Free Music to Poor Kids

As if providing affordable computers for millions of children wasn't enough, the OLPC team is working with Freeculture.org to give them free music as well. The new endeavor, the Free Music Project, is going to "collect and record" music for children, which will be distrubted for free to kids along with the OLPC laptop… » 3/02/07 5:00pm 3/02/07 5:00pm