Judge Says Putting Disgusting Warning Pictures on Cigarette Boxes Is a …

Those disgusting images of holey throats, lumpy lungs, broke ass teeth, etc. that the FDA was planning on plastering on cigarettes to curb smoking? Um, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. A federal judge just said those images were a violation of free speech. Wait what? » 11/08/11 1:20pm 11/08/11 1:20pm

BART Riders Have No Right to Free Speech, Says Spokesjerk

Like most days, there was a protest in San Francisco yesterday where people said silly things. But atypically, this one was semi-organized by hacker collective Anonymous. Also unlike most San Francisco protests, there was sort of a point to it. » 8/16/11 2:40pm 8/16/11 2:40pm

US Court: Cops Can Constitutionally Seize Your Web Domain

Part of ICE's super domain snatching spree is a site called Rojadirecta.com, which streamed sports programming. The owners cried foul: there was legal content on the site, and shuttering the whole thing suppressed free speech. A US judge: nope. » 8/05/11 10:37am 8/05/11 10:37am