SunNight Solar Giving Away 500 Solar Flashlights

Mark Bent, owner of SunNight Solar, is giving away 500 of his company's solar flashlights (no Polish jokes, please). This isn't a simple first-come first-served deal, however; you need to justify why you deserve one. People who work in emergency services or the media (ahem) get first dibs (as do Al Gore and Angelina… » 7/21/08 5:11pm 7/21/08 5:11pm

Amazon-Pepsi Promotion Gets Official and Awesome: Free MP3s, Unbox…

Good news on the Pepsi-Amazon MP3 contest front: It's official, it's not a contest and they've giving away more than MP3s. It's a point-based promo that launches on Feb. 1, with 4 billion Pepsi products carrying points that you can bank on PepsiStuff.com for MP3s from Amazon store, which now has tracks from all four… » 1/14/08 12:55pm 1/14/08 12:55pm