NYC Will Turn 7,000 Old Payphones Into a Huge, Free Wi-Fi Network

In 2013, Mayor Bloomberg asked designers to reimagine the city's decrepit pay phones as internet-flinging, ad-spitting future machines. The winners were simply design concepts, never truly destined for reality. Now, the city is moving forward with the plan to retrofit its pay phones, after all. »5/08/14 12:20pm5/08/14 12:20pm


Amtrak Finally Getting Free Wi-Fi, But Only on Acela

Take heart, business travelers of America! Soon you'll be able to add "slow and spotty internet connection" to your list of gripes with Amtrak's high(er) speed Acela line. While I'm sure Hulu will help numb the pain of rail commuting, be warned that it may only be free for a limited time. Also, be annoyed that JetBlue… »1/12/10 10:43am1/12/10 10:43am

Meraki's Solar Powered Wi-Fi Repeater Finally Shipping in December

We first wrote about Meraki »11/19/08 8:08pm11/19/08 8:08pm and their solar-powered Wi-Fi repeater back in mid '07, but they're finally getting ready to ship these next month. According to , it's going to be $749 if you have your own solar panel, which then balloons up to $1499 for "larger units". The main idea that Meraki is going after is "getting…

Do You Want Wi-Fi with That? Zune Users Get Free Net Access at McDonalds

Zune owners are getting free Wi-Fi access at McDonalds, as well as the 3.0 »9/16/08 8:10am9/16/08 8:10am software today. It's using the Wayport Wi-Fi system at about 10,000 stores, and as a Wayport spokesman puts it, it lets them "attract new customers whose digital lifestyle extends beyond their home and office." Yep, out of the home and…

FCC Planning New Spectrum Auction With Free Broadband for All

It looks like the FCC is taking up Congresswoman Anna Eshoo's dopey scheme to deliver internet to the masses with another spectrum auction that would require the winner to offer free broadband to half of the US within four years, and 95 percent sometime after that. A nearly impossible task, on top of being silly in… »5/24/08 4:30pm5/24/08 4:30pm

AT&T Says Free Wi-Fi for iPhones Will Come... Someday

All AT&T's flip-flopping between offering free wireless at Starbucks and then taking it away—turns out it was some peon screwing up after all. An spokesperson for the company told the New York Times that the confusion was due to a "human error." But the day when iPhone users can definitively access the internet while… »5/10/08 9:45am5/10/08 9:45am

Meraki's Solar-powered Repeater Lets You Create Your Own Neighborhood Network

Wanna bring Wi-Fi to your entire neighborhood? Meraki's $99 outdoor repeater lets you share your Internet access up to 700 feet (when paired with Meraki's $49 Mini router). The repeater can be installed on a wall outside your window or on a pole and because it's solar-powered, it doesn't need to be connected to an… »6/04/07 6:35pm6/04/07 6:35pm