FCC Says Free Wireless Plans Won't Screw Up T-Mobile's 3G

Trying to add a silver lining to your undoubtedly dismal economic future, the FCC has struck down T-Mobile's complaints that the agency's scheme to offer free wireless to lower-income peoples »10/13/08 10:52pm10/13/08 10:52pm will interfere with established 3G networks. In an engineering report, the agency claimed that there would be no “significant…

FCC Planning New Spectrum Auction With Free Broadband for All

It looks like the FCC is taking up Congresswoman Anna Eshoo's dopey scheme to deliver internet to the masses with another spectrum auction that would require the winner to offer free broadband to half of the US within four years, and 95 percent sometime after that. A nearly impossible task, on top of being silly in… »5/24/08 4:30pm5/24/08 4:30pm

AT&T Says Free Wi-Fi for iPhones Will Come... Someday

All AT&T's flip-flopping between offering free wireless at Starbucks and then taking it away—turns out it was some peon screwing up after all. An spokesperson for the company told the New York Times that the confusion was due to a "human error." But the day when iPhone users can definitively access the internet while… »5/10/08 9:45am5/10/08 9:45am

Free Wireless Internet For the Masses: Another Dumb Scheme From Washington

A California congresswoman has proposed yet another spectrum auction—the 2,155MHz to 2,180MHz range—with some hefty public-service requirements:
• Within two years of receiving the license, launch an "always-on" broadband with at least 200Kbps downloads
• Service is to be free of subscription, airtime and other usage… »4/20/08 5:00pm4/20/08 5:00pm