Freecom Mobile Drive XXS Is the Smallest, Lightest 2.5-inch Hard Drive

Freecom's just taken the portable hard drive crown with what they're claiming to be the smallest and lightest 2.5-inch USB drive on the market now. Their Mobile Drive XXS comes in 160GB, 250GB and 320GB sizes, and is bus-powered for one less thing you have to carry around. It seems like the race to having the smallest »7/28/08 12:30pm7/28/08 12:30pm

MusicPal Streams Internet Radio Stations, Shows RSS Feeds

If you don't like choosing what you listen to, instead trusting your audio experiences to DJs at Internet radio stations, then the Freecom MusicPal is for you. It'll stream 5,000 radio stations from your computer and play them out the built-in speaker. It also displays RSS feeds on its screen for some reason, which I… »10/30/07 10:00am10/30/07 10:00am