Uncle Sam was (probably) a real dude

As the physical embodiment of all things American, Uncle Sam has been used to represent the likes of freedom, Big Brother, consumerism, fetus-snatching, and everything in between. But just over 200 years ago, this anthropomorphized flag of a man was an actual, living human being—and a too-weak-to-enlist one, at that. »9/28/14 9:45pm9/28/14 9:45pm

A Year After SOPA: These Are the Next Five Battles For Internet Freedom

One year ago today, Internet users of all ages, races, and political stripes participated in the largest protest in Internet history, flooding Congress with millions of emails and phone calls to demand they drop the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)-a dangerous bill that would have allowed corporations and the govenrment… »1/19/13 5:00pm1/19/13 5:00pm