This Beer Should be Product Placement for the Next Tron Movie

I don't even drink beer, but what I wouldn't give for one of these 3D-printed beer cases that were gifted to Heineken's stakeholders. With the bottle's label printed in UV-sensitive ink, it only figures that the case (3D-printed by Freedom of Creation) should have a UV light installed inside, activated once the case's… » 3/15/11 9:20am 3/15/11 9:20am

Made-to-Order Headphones Show Your Favorite Music in 3D

Brian Garret Schuur is a clever guy, and that's why rapid manufacturer Freedom of Creation has taken his design for the Street Headphones. These made-to-order headphones feature the names of your favorite bands and singers all around them, in 3D. » 3/04/10 8:31am 3/04/10 8:31am

Electric Mini Shoe City Complete With Godzilla...What?

Japanese footwear company Onitsuka Tiger is getting a major promotional boost thanks to this 1 meter long illuminated shoe developed by the folks at Freedom of Creation. The work is intended to "communicate Onitsuka Tiger's Japanese roots" in the form of a highly detailed city-shoe. It has everything from billboards to… » 1/17/08 8:24pm 1/17/08 8:24pm