Intel To Use Atom For Embeddable Systems, Moving Beyond PCs

Intel has found another use for its tiny, low-power Atom chips-today they've announced intention to move into the system-on-a-chip industry, where they'll compete with ARM, MIPS, Freescale, and IBM among others to provide embeddable systems for things that aren't PCs. Namely cable boxes, manufacturing robots, security… » 7/24/08 8:43am 7/24/08 8:43am

Tiny, Ultra-Cheap Desktop Will Only Pull Two Watts, Live in the Clouds

CherryPal has released some tantalizing details of its forthcoming desktop box, which they claim will draw only two watts and be "the greenest and most affordable on the market." The otherwise modestly spec'd box has a few secret weapons: cloud computing and a tri-core Freescale processor with hardware video rendering… » 6/18/08 8:20pm 6/18/08 8:20pm

Digital Power Station: DSP Turns Crappy Speakers Into Honkin' Muthas

Jon Bon Jovi's cousin, audio engineer Tony Bongiovi has figured out a novel way to make cheap-ass speakers sound a whole lot better. His device, an unusually sophisticated equalizer he calls the Digital Power Station, originally filled a refrigerator-sized unit with its analog components. » 12/06/06 10:36am 12/06/06 10:36am

Belkin CableFree USB Hub Delayed Until July

A standout at CES was Belkin s CableFree USB Hub, which the company said would be available in April, but now says that release has been pushed back to early July. Belkin attributes the late release to general manufacturing delays. Enabled by Freescale s ultra wideband (UWB) technology, it was to be the first shipping… » 3/02/06 12:33pm 3/02/06 12:33pm

Apple to Intel: "If you really love me, you can wait"

Time for another daily update on what the hell is going on with Apple and Intel. Apple has made an agreement with Freescale Semiconductor. The agreement states that Freescale will supply the Power PC microprocessors used in Apple computers until the end of 2007. This could mean a lot of different things regarding the… » 8/30/05 9:21am 8/30/05 9:21am