Here's How Long Food Can Last in the Pantry, Refrigerator and Freezer

I'm one of those people who never takes anything anyone says at face value but absolutely swears by expiration dates. Ew the milk expired today?! Eat my cereal dry. The bread smells fine but it says it's not BEST BY today anymore. Go get a sandwich at the deli. My blind adherence to those labels is idiotic but I know… » 2/28/13 7:30pm 2/28/13 7:30pm

The Most Important Appliance In a Depression

I'm not surprised that in the middle of a deep recession, while people have basically stopped buying appliances, standalone freezers have an exceptional growth of 13 percent » 10/28/08 9:40am 10/28/08 9:40am. One of my grandmas, who lives alone, has the most massive freezer I have ever seen in a home. It is bursting with food that will likely never be…

GE Profile Refrigerator Line to Add a Second Freezer Drawer

GE's upcoming 2008 Profile refrigerators will have a second freezer tray for double the freezing. Finally you can keep the meats and sweets away from your wife's creepy fruit. The upper drawer is slim and looks like it will hold meals better on plates and trays and the like, while the deeper lower drawer will freeze… » 6/28/07 11:15am 6/28/07 11:15am