What Is Freezer Burn and How Does It Destroy Your Food?

Most of us just accept that fact that food left in the freezer too long will eventually become covered in ice and almost inedible. But have you ever stopped to think about why that happens exactly? After all, it's not like everything in your freezer is completely thawing and refreezing every day. » 5/03/13 3:41pm 5/03/13 3:41pm

The Coldest Freezer on Earth Isn't a Freezer At All

Today's the first day it's actually hot in New York. And now, we wanna be cold again. Or eat cold things. Like the coldest popsicle on Earth, from the coldest freezer on earth. But it turns out the coldest freezer isn't a freezer, in the traditional sense, at all. It's a series of magnets. » 4/27/11 10:00pm 4/27/11 10:00pm

Gorenje's Carbon Fiber Fridge: Last Seen In Batman's Kitchen

Gorenje, the company that brought us the iPod-docking fridge, has created the next fridge of our dreams—carbon fiber, baby. The induction hob shown below is also the stove of our (concentric) dreams: » 4/23/10 5:55am 4/23/10 5:55am

The Most Important Appliance In a Depression

I'm not surprised that in the middle of a deep recession, while people have basically stopped buying appliances, standalone freezers have an exceptional growth of 13 percent » 10/28/08 9:40am 10/28/08 9:40am. One of my grandmas, who lives alone, has the most massive freezer I have ever seen in a home. It is bursting with food that will likely never be…