Move Over Star Wars, Tomorrow's Tactical Lasers Will Be More Napalm Than Pew Pew

We've been kind of laser crazy »9/07/08 10:30am9/07/08 10:30am here at Gizmodo lately, and with good reason: could be landing in military hands as early as 2009. We simply wish to be at the forefront of the pew pew revolution, with the hope that any burning sensation our writers feel in the near future is the result of an unforgettable night out,…

Beamz Synthesizer Uses Lasers as Strings, Has Plenty of Cowbell (Literally)

In the future we'll probably play music with our minds, but for now the Beamz Laser Music System uses a series of six lasers which you can break with your hands to play instruments like guitars, violin and (YES!) even a cowbell. There are also 30 preloaded songs and musical genres that can play alongside your flapping… »3/30/08 8:00pm3/30/08 8:00pm