Art Lebedev Design for the Rest of Us: Pixelated Mouse-Pointer Fridge Magnets

When they're not designing $1,500 OLED keyboards »9/29/08 9:20am9/29/08 9:20am or hot , it's good to know the guys over at like to keep the common folk in mind, sometimes. The common folk who will like to pin up printouts of Gizmodo posts to their fridge with these pixel-art mouse-pointer magnets. They're about 2.5-inches tall and will run you $4…

Inevitable: The Bastard Offspring of a Fridge Magnet and Digital Photo Frame

Digital picture frames are deepening their grip on society... they're bored with being on your keychain and desk, now they've got designs on your fridge door. Meet fridge magnet digital picture frames and try not to scream. Expensive fridges with built in LCD screens? No... just chuck a couple of these up and you can… »4/09/08 7:35am4/09/08 7:35am