Shake Shack's first ever fried chicken sandwich looks like perfection

Shake Shack, perhaps the best burger chain in the world and if you disagree you probably need to see if you can get a new tongue, just announced their first ever chicken sandwich, a fried chicken sandwich that looks like the Platonic ideal of what a fried chicken sandwich should look like (if you like mayo, that is).… » 7/07/15 11:59pm 7/07/15 11:59pm

This insane fried chicken waffle burger is three burgers in one

Matthew Ramsey, the creator of this insane Pornburger says he woke up to this crispy fried chicken between two "cheeseburger waffles", sriracha mustard, american cheese and smoked bacon, and then went back to bed. I don't blame him, that actually seems like the perfect Sunday to me. » 12/23/14 1:20am 12/23/14 1:20am

This is how KFC actually makes its fried chicken from beginning to end

We've seen beyond the greasy curtain of fast food and discovered how KFC actually makes fried chicken from the raw animal to the final product that gets put into buckets and double downs at their stores. It's basically like how your grandma would do it—except they use an infernal magic machine called "pressure frier." » 10/28/14 11:14am 10/28/14 11:14am