Twitter Will Now Suggest People You Might Be Interested In Stalking

It can be tough to find fascinating people to follow on Twitter, but now and then you'll find someone whose tweets perfectly match your interests and you'll wish there were more people like that. Well, now Twitter will help you find those folks—if they exist: » 7/30/10 4:33pm 7/30/10 4:33pm

U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi Lets You Reach Out and Touch a Virtual Friend

U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi is a system that lets you both see and touch a virtual humanoid. Developed by Michihiko Shoji, it works by combining a head mounted display with a creepy green sensor-laden robot. As you interact with the bot, not only will it react accordingly, but you'll be able to see the virtual buddy via the HMD… » 10/12/07 5:30pm 10/12/07 5:30pm