Alaska Airlines and Row 44 Planning First U.S. Satellite-Based In-Air…

It looks like the first U.S. carrier to offer in-flight Wi-Fi using a satellite-based setup will be Alaska Airlines, which plans to roll the service out to its entire fleet by 2009, pending the results of a monthlong test this spring. Using Row 44's satellite system instead of an air-to-ground one, a la Virgin America… » 9/18/07 6:15am 9/18/07 6:15am

Virgin America Bringing In-Air Wi-Fi to Its Flights in 2008

Man, Virgin America is really making all other airlines look horrible. First they started flying with awesome high-tech Linux computers on every seat, seat-to-seat chat, games (Doom!), movies, music and food ordering, not to mention sexy mood lighting, and now they just announced something even cooler: air-to-ground… » 9/13/07 12:40pm 9/13/07 12:40pm