Fring Updates Android App To Improve Audio Quality In Video Calls

Fring just updated their Android app to address the audio issues we saw (or I guess, heard) in our testing. Thankfully, the update will fix the sometimes bothersome echoing issue and also offer significant audio improvements. Which is good! Also, the Samsung Galaxy S gains support in the update, so there's now more… » 7/21/10 12:04pm 7/21/10 12:04pm

The Week in iPhone Apps: Fresh Fring and Other Diversions

Lots of news to catch up on this week from the App Store. So come have a look, iPhone folks, at what you may have missed on Giz this week, in addition to a few of our picks for new apps of the last seven days as always. We're excited first and foremost that Fring » 10/03/08 5:10pm 10/03/08 5:10pm, a great multi-service IM and VoIP app, has made it…

Fring is the World's First True iPhone VoIP App

Ignoring previous "iPhone VoIP" apps like Jah Jah, which are only VoIP after you connect to their analog to VoIP bridge, this Fring app seems to be the first real VoIP solution for the iPhone/iPod Touch. To get in on this action you need a jailbroken iPhone, Wi-FI access, and you'll be able to call regular phones… » 4/15/08 1:53pm 4/15/08 1:53pm