Fring Updates Android App To Improve Audio Quality In Video Calls

Fring just updated their Android app to address the audio issues we saw (or I guess, heard) in our testing. Thankfully, the update will fix the sometimes bothersome echoing issue and also offer significant audio improvements. Which is good! Also, the Samsung Galaxy S gains support in the update, so there's now more… »7/21/10 12:04pm7/21/10 12:04pm

The Week in iPhone Apps: Fresh Fring and Other Diversions

Lots of news to catch up on this week from the App Store. So come have a look, iPhone folks, at what you may have missed on Giz this week, in addition to a few of our picks for new apps of the last seven days as always. We're excited first and foremost that Fring »10/03/08 5:10pm10/03/08 5:10pm, a great multi-service IM and VoIP app, has made it…