Android's Music Player App Update All But Reveals Google's Cloud Music Service

Seems like Google accidentally released a developer build of their latest Music Player app update, which offers some strong indicators the much rumored cloud music service is coming soon. Tech from 10 is hosting downloads of the app here (the site is currently down, but Engadget says that Droid Life is also hosting… »4/05/11 2:52pm4/05/11 2:52pm

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant Getting Android 2.2 Froyo Tomorrow, Says T-Mo

Worried that your Samsung Vibrant was going to be stuck with Android 2.1 forevermore? Worry not! T-Mobile's chief marketing officer Cole Brodman told PCMag that Vibrant users can expect to see the Froyo upgrade starting tomorrow, with all users getting bumped within a few weeks. Going forward, Brodman explained, T-Mo… »1/20/11 2:21pm1/20/11 2:21pm