The Life and Untimely Death of Technology's Weirdest Logo

In 1988 Timothy Wilkinson, a British designer at frog design in Silicon Valley, was tasked with creating a logo for the biggest peripheral maker in the world: Logitech. The company kept Wilkinson’s logo around for almost 30 years. And while it long seemed weird to me, it’s also completely brilliant. »7/24/15 8:00pm7/24/15 8:00pm


A Futuristic Jukebox That Doesn't Pretend to Be the Old Thing

I've never known the jukebox as anything but a beautiful relic of a musical past. For me, at least, the jukebox never existed to just play music. Instead, it did double duty: neat to have in a bar, clever, vintage, classic, ironic, hipsterish, whatever. I'm sure people who really used jukeboxes in the past didn't care… »3/07/11 8:00pm3/07/11 8:00pm

Frog Design Working on HIV/AIDS Home Testing in South Africa via SMS

Frog Design has joined Project Masiluleke, which includes the likes of Nokia, to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS among South Africans with the use of mobile technology. The program includes interactive texts which provide callback numbers for information on HIV testing, home testing kits with cellphone based… »10/30/08 3:09pm10/30/08 3:09pm

Alltel Adds 1 Million Subscribers, Makes Sprint Feel Even Worse

Alltel, the runt of the nationwide carriers, added 1 million customers this past quarter, totally now over 13 million subscribers. Even though the CDMA-based carrier says it operates the "largest" network, we don't actually know anyone who uses it. Still, its aggressive pricing strategies and frogdesign-based… »5/15/08 11:55am5/15/08 11:55am

High School Musical iPod Clock/Radio and LCD TV Make You Jealous of Little Kids

The smartest way to produce cool-looking electronics is to hire someone who already knows how, someone from frog design, for instance. Disney's electronics team is helmed by two former froggers, Chris Heatherly and John Guerra, and they've started turning some wild designs into hardware realities. The High School… »7/20/07 8:56am7/20/07 8:56am

Send People Your Current Location (and Directions), Rate Local Restaurants Using TeleNav 5.2

The most elaborate GPS software for cell phones is TeleNav, and it's also the longest running. I remember testing its turn-by-turn navigation with a Nextel phone back in the summer of 2004, the GPS-phone equivalent of the dawn of time. Today TeleNav introduces version 5.2, starting with Sprint customers first. It may… »6/11/07 12:01am6/11/07 12:01am

Alltel Teams With Frog Design and eMusic, Launching Jump Music

Today, Alltel, the littlest big carrier, launches Jump Music, software that's iTunes-like in its dual nature as music manager and storefront. The announcement might seem like a non-event to most Giz readers—how many Alltel customers are even out there in the Giz nation? But you may want to start paying attention to… »5/11/07 1:01am5/11/07 1:01am