High School Musical iPod Clock/Radio and LCD TV Make You Jealous of Little Kids

The smartest way to produce cool-looking electronics is to hire someone who already knows how, someone from frog design, for instance. Disney's electronics team is helmed by two former froggers, Chris Heatherly and John Guerra, and they've started turning some wild designs into hardware realities. The High School… »7/20/07 8:56am

Send People Your Current Location (and Directions), Rate Local Restaurants Using TeleNav 5.2

The most elaborate GPS software for cell phones is TeleNav, and it's also the longest running. I remember testing its turn-by-turn navigation with a Nextel phone back in the summer of 2004, the GPS-phone equivalent of the dawn of time. Today TeleNav introduces version 5.2, starting with Sprint customers first. It may… »6/11/07 12:01am