Hacked Frogger Arcade Now Has You Dodging the Real Traffic On Fifth…

Believe it or not, Frogger has been skipping his way across busy highways for thirty years now. And to celebrate his anniversary, Tyler DeAngelo created this updated version of the arcade classic that now has the frog dodging the realtime traffic on New York's Fifth Avenue. » 4/19/12 12:00pm 4/19/12 12:00pm

Konami Releasing Silent Hill, DDR and Frogger for iPhone, Too

While Konami's announcement of Metal Gear Solid for the iPhone is tough to be topped, the company will also be releasing a few of their other big franchises as well, including Silent Hill and DDR. » 12/17/08 2:30pm 12/17/08 2:30pm

Arcade Nirvana at Home

If you're old enough to recall the arcades of the 80s, Peter Hirshberg has replicated that entire atmosphere even down to the coin machines, where he's got more than 50 dedicated originals with no conversions. He has original versions of Frogger, Lunar Lander, Pac-man, Space Invaders, Dig Dug, the original Pong and… » 5/17/06 1:09pm 5/17/06 1:09pm

The Ultimate Frogger Challenge

How do you know when the people over at Make Magazine have run out of ways to hack a Roomba? They begin making dangerous games out of it. This Roomba was modded to be controlled wirelessly on a balcony high above the street for a true Frogger experience. Unfortunately the Bluetooth signal was not strong enough to… » 3/16/06 3:53pm 3/16/06 3:53pm