Anobar Set-Top FED Display Scrolls Otaku's TV Discussions in Real Time

No doubt inspired by the Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga that overlays scrolling comments over videos during playback, the Anobar sits on top of a TV and scrolls messages from others watching the same channel in real time, along with emails, Twitters, news headlines, or any other feed. The Anobar uses a pricey 640… » 7/17/08 12:40pm 7/17/08 12:40pm

DS Lite Battery Pack Fattens, Extends Your Gaming

Even with our extreme weekend Pokemon binges, the DS Lite usually doesn't have to be charged more than once every few days. Which means this DS Lite battery pack isn't for us. But for those of you who go on long car trips or plane rides, this could mean the difference between catching them all or being bored to tears.
» 6/04/07 6:20pm 6/04/07 6:20pm