Get Your James Bond Blu-Ray Fix For 32 Percent Less Off Amazon

Excited about the quintessential Bond collection coming out on Blu Ray in October? Amazon's giving you an even greater reason to be excited-a 32-percent discount on several James Bond films, including a Sean Connery three-pack of Dr. No, From Russia with Love and Thunderball. The perhaps less venerable three-pack of … »7/26/08 9:00pm7/26/08 9:00pm

Russia Launches Final Global Positioning Satellites, None of Them of Love

Russians have finally completed GLONASS, which means "Vodka without hangovers" or "global navigation satellite system." This military project began in the mid-'70s as a response to the US-based GPS to languish in the post-Soviet economic crisis until the always nice and charming ex-KGB Vladimir Putin decided to push… »12/26/07 6:24am12/26/07 6:24am