These crazy ice crystals forming on a window make my imagination go wild

There are some pretty nutty patterns that pop up in this time lapse of frost and ice crystals forming on Brenda Loewen's kitchen window. They almost look like the surface of a different planet or a topographical map of miserable wastelands or a microscopic look at creepy organisms. Whatever your imagination sees, it's… »3/15/15 8:57pm3/15/15 8:57pm


Japanese Ice-In-a-Can Spray: Better Than a Personal Fan

I hate coming home to Georgia during the summer because it's hot and muggy as balls—granted NYC sidewalks in the summer make you feel like you're walking on a clay oven. But Osaka's Kiribai Chemical Co. has us covered with its canned "ice spray," which blasts 14-degree (F) frost into your face (you're supposed to hit… »6/11/07 12:00pm6/11/07 12:00pm