Netflix Is Finally Available on Nearly All Android Phones

It took a few false-ish starts, but all Android phones running Froyo or Gingerbread are FINALLY getting full Netflix support. No more workarounds or rooting. Just sweet streaming. For now, anyway, and if you haven't jettisoned your account. » 9/10/11 9:40am 9/10/11 9:40am

Android's Music Player App Update All But Reveals Google's Cloud Music…

Seems like Google accidentally released a developer build of their latest Music Player app update, which offers some strong indicators the much rumored cloud music service is coming soon. Tech from 10 is hosting downloads of the app here (the site is currently down, but Engadget says that Droid Life is also hosting the … » 4/05/11 2:52pm 4/05/11 2:52pm

Samsung Galaxy S 4G Coming to T-Mobile This Month

Samsung is very big on promoting their 21mbps HSPA+ network as 4G, and as such, they've taken the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, given it HSPA+ guts and 2.2 Froyo, then rechristened it the Galaxy S 4G. Other than that, it's basically the same phone, except it comes with Inception preloaded, as well as DoubleTwist for media… » 2/02/11 12:40am 2/02/11 12:40am

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant Getting Android 2.2 Froyo Tomorrow, Says T-Mo

Worried that your Samsung Vibrant was going to be stuck with Android 2.1 forevermore? Worry not! T-Mobile's chief marketing officer Cole Brodman told PCMag that Vibrant users can expect to see the Froyo upgrade starting tomorrow, with all users getting bumped within a few weeks. Going forward, Brodman explained, T-Mo… » 1/20/11 2:21pm 1/20/11 2:21pm

Froyo is Finally Being Used by Over 50% of Android Users

Don't be alarmed by Google's official pie chart, showing just 0.4 per cent of Android phones are running the latest Gingerbread update. Considering it's only available on one handset—Samsung's Nexus S, which went on sale mid-December—it's not bad. » 1/19/11 4:20am 1/19/11 4:20am

The Problem With Android Updates, Again (Or: Why Samsung Galaxy Phones …

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Android device, there's a good chance you're expecting an update to the second-most-recent release of Android, version 2.2, aka Froyo. It has not arrived! A purported insider explains why. Short version: Money. Updated. » 1/18/11 4:05pm 1/18/11 4:05pm

IdeaPad U1 Hybrid and LePad Tablet: Lenovo's Voltron Re-forms

A few months ago, it looked like Lenovo's crazy-neat dual-processor U1 hybrid was pure vaporware. Turns out it just needed a little retooling. The U1 Hybrid is back, giving Lenovo's LePad Android tablet a Windows 7 dock. So what's new? » 1/04/11 3:00pm 1/04/11 3:00pm

Google Instant Hits Android and iPhones in US

Several Android phones started showing Google Instant early, but Google's made the addition official, writing on its blog that a beta version has hit (or is hitting) "most iPhone and Android devices in the US." Basically, that's Androids running Froyo, and iOS 4 devices. » 11/05/10 4:45am 11/05/10 4:45am