Turkey Fryer Uses No Oil, But It Uses No Oil

I've always wanted to fry a turkey for Thanksgiving, but the safety aspects concern me (what if the oil spilled, what if the turkey threw me into immediate cardiac arrest). Plus, I'm more than a little baffled over what one does with the 100 or so leftover gallons of peanut oil. The Oil-less Turkey Fryer solves all of… » 11/19/08 10:00am 11/19/08 10:00am

George Foreman Fryer Spins Fried Food To Knock Out Fat

Rejoice, culinary neophytes everywhere! George Foreman, that lovable former boxer turned kitchen gadget man has put out a deep fat fryer. You heard me right-look forward to the smell of burning oil and deep fried everything coming soon from your nearest dormitory. Foreman's Lean Mean Fryer uses a "Smart Spin"… » 10/15/08 10:00pm 10/15/08 10:00pm

Portable Deep Fryer Lets You Get Fat Wherever You Go

We're still looking for a way to fit a full-size deep fryer in our kitchen, but till that day comes, this will have to do. It's a tiny deep fryer you can fit into any apartment. It holds up to 5-cups of artery-strengthening oil and despite its tiny size can reach temps of up to 375 degrees (F). Just shove in those… » 10/17/06 12:40pm 10/17/06 12:40pm