Dealzmodo: New MacBook $200 Off at Fry's (Update: Too Good to Be True)

Apple might get a bit crazier than usual with their typically staid Black Friday deals, but Fry's is offering a pretty great deal right now: $200 off the new MacBook, making it only $1099. You probably won't see a better MacBook deal than that. Quantities are limited, so get crackin'. Update: Laaaaame. Fry's says they… » 11/13/08 2:30pm 11/13/08 2:30pm

Fry's Offers 20-Inch iMac Mac Mini for $794?! (UPDATED)

(UPDATE: The deal in question was a misprint in the Fry's ad and they actually meant the Mac Mini) Looking for a sweet Black Friday deal? Search no further if you want an iMac, because Fry's Electronics is offering a 20-inch iMac with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor for $794. It's priced so low we're thinking it might… » 11/20/07 1:30pm 11/20/07 1:30pm

Treo 680 Spotted at Fry's, Palm Fans Wet Their Pants

Hop aboard the hype express, ladies and germs, for sharp eyes have spotted the upcoming Treo 680 at Fry's Electronics (of all places). No other news to report, other than that Palm must hate the media since nobody in the fourth estate has received one yet. Current rumors point to the device's release date as being… » 10/30/06 10:00am 10/30/06 10:00am

Dealzmodo: Frys/Outpost Grand Opening Sale ... huh?

So I guess Outpost relaunched their website as Frys, today—wasn't Outpost always owned by Frys anyway? Regardless, they are having some pretty nice sales on their website including a 19-inch Samsung LCD monitor for $200, a 400GB external HDD for $260, a PS2 bundle that includes 10 games for $170 and a 37-inch LCD HDTV… » 10/16/06 12:23pm 10/16/06 12:23pm