Dealzmodo: New MacBook $200 Off at Fry's (Update: Too Good to Be True)

Apple might get a bit crazier than usual with their typically staid Black Friday deals, but Fry's is offering a pretty great deal right now: $200 off the new MacBook, making it only $1099. You probably won't see a better MacBook deal than that. Quantities are limited, so get crackin'. Update: Laaaaame. Fry's says they… »11/13/08 2:30pm11/13/08 2:30pm

Fry's Offers 20-Inch iMac Mac Mini for $794?! (UPDATED)

(UPDATE: The deal in question was a misprint in the Fry's ad and they actually meant the Mac Mini) Looking for a sweet Black Friday deal? Search no further if you want an iMac, because Fry's Electronics is offering a 20-inch iMac with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor for $794. It's priced so low we're thinking it might… »11/20/07 1:30pm11/20/07 1:30pm

Dealzmodo: Frys/Outpost Grand Opening Sale ... huh?

So I guess Outpost relaunched their website as Frys, today—wasn't Outpost always owned by Frys anyway? Regardless, they are having some pretty nice sales on their website including a 19-inch Samsung LCD monitor for $200, a 400GB external HDD for $260, a PS2 bundle that includes 10 games for $170 and a 37-inch LCD HDTV… »10/16/06 12:23pm10/16/06 12:23pm