Wooden Skin Makes This the Most Beautiful Camera I've Ever Seen

Why can't every single digital camera be encased in gorgeous walnut and cherry wood? Probably because it'd be outrageously expensive. Luckily, for those with the means, these custom Japanese Fujifilm X100 coverings are stunning. High tech meets... trees. » 10/24/11 12:20pm 10/24/11 12:20pm

Fuji X100 SE: Who Doesn't Love a Hottie Dressed in Leather?

The Fuji X100's old-school, Leica-aping aesthetic drives people bonkers with envy. It shouldn't be possible to make people drool over the camera more than they already do. Then Fuji dressed the X100 with a special edition look. » 10/21/11 3:20pm 10/21/11 3:20pm

How Fujifilm's Lusted-After X100 Camera Got Back On Its Feet…

While the subject of Fujifilm's propaganda video is sad (Japanese earthquake delays production of one of the finest cameras ever!), the production qualities of the video are simply hilarious. Anyone would think they were shooting Michael Jackson's last days. » 6/30/11 4:00am 6/30/11 4:00am